Our Activities

In order to reach its goals and achieve its objectives, New Conscience in Action has undertaken the following activities:

Youth Camps

Youth camps are opportunities given to  young people by 
New Conscience in Action to get three days to a week training on " how to live in peace alongside each other regardless ethnic, religious, or social group. During this time, the  young trainees people have also opportunity to learn about the problems that still undermine the existence in developing countries and how to overcome them as well as on Educational and Vocational ... Click here for more information

Professional Training
New Conscience in Action notices that one of the main problems in developing countries is that many people have no practical training that can help them make money and live in better conditions. So, as a response, NCA International
wants to contribute to solve this great challenge of vocational training and employment. That is why the organization helps those who want... Click here for more information

Income Activities

New Conscience in Action (NCA) International believes that
the most part of the developing countries have potential to create within them the necessary funds needed by most of their development projects. On this basis, the organization has planned to create income-generating activities such as planting perennial crops (mango tree, Teak, Cocoa...)  and food (Cassava, corn, tomatoes...), and also to invest in animal... Click here for more information

Hostels for students
In our days, be a student or Trainee in a town is not easy. Apart from several challenges you face, you need to get an accommodation where to live and continue your studies. And our developing countries governments abilities in the domain are very limited.
This since the number of the needies continues to increase from year to year. And As a response to this problem of student housing,... Click here for more information

English & French Training Centers for Youth
Today, we have reached a point where one of the criteria to communicate well and be understood is to be able to speak two languages ​​or more. Since two of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world is English and french, as these two languages ​​are also those that best help African people to interact with each other in different areas such as in business, education, intercultural... Click here for more information 

Youth Listening & Counseling Centers
How many young people miss their future in destroying their lives today, because they didn't get advice at all or they got it but it was a bad one from their friends of same age? The number is certainly high. Many are the young people that leave their families and move to other areas in seeking of better life, and find themselves in a big town or in a far village where, perhaps, no one... Click here for more information

The World Children                                                                                                                             The World Children is children department of New Conscience in Action. Its purpose is to help take care of  children in difficult situations and educate them. These children are either in their biological families or adopted by third families or residing in our orphanages.

The department The World Children includes our entertainment centers, children education centers, our orphanages and our services of children sponsorship. Click here for more information

Save the Girls                                                                                                                                      This sevice of the NGO New Conscience in Action (NCA) is created to help young unmarried mothers and girls in distress. Because we are aware of the difficult situations of girls, especially young unmarried mothers who have fallen into a trap of life that is to take a pregnancy out marriage frame, that often suffer terribly. While young girls have lot of complex needs, these girls often have to take care of their children alone . This because men, and most of time young men without means, and immature, do not accept or assume their responsibility vis-à-vis the children and their mothers. Click here for more information

Mobile Teams of Renovation
Mobile Team of Renovation "Restore Plus" is a dream team of New Conscience in Action charged to do practical works where there is need and where it can. For it is sad how we treat most of time some of our public structures as school buildings, market buildings, health care centers... Especially when they are constructed in rural areas. We are happy about them when new, but... Click here for more information