Save the Girls

This sevice of the NGO New Conscience in Action (NCA) is created to help young unmarried mothers and girls in distress. Because we are aware of the difficult situations of girls, especially young unmarried mothers who have fallen into a trap of life that is to take a pregnancy out marriage frame, that often suffer terribly. While young girls have lot of complex needs, these girls often have to take care of their children alone. This because men, and most of time young men without means, and immature, do not accept or assume their responsibility vis-à-vis the children and their mothers.

Thus, during their desert crossings, many of these girls are unfortunately still easy preys to new men and also of some housewives pretending  to offer them jobs as house servants for a pittance unable to help them out of poverty. This in addition to the various swindler intermediaries who racket them for empty promises of employment most of time.

But if we really want to fight against poverty and build a just human society without misery, we must also think of this section of the society and avoid the misery to these girls and their children. It is also a way to avoid excessive growth of street children and prostitutes in our cities.

As NCA, our solutions for these young mothers, their children and girls in distress are to give them, to the young unmarried girls and other girls in distress, activities on medium term that can help them make and save some money with wich start their own small activities. According to the case, they will benefit from our facilities as housing and training necessary for their integrations.