A Word from the Founder
More than a simple
No-Profit Organization (NGO), New
Conscience in Action is for me the accomplishment of a
A dream I have had since I was around 15 years old. In this
A Word from the Founder
time I
cannot describe with right words what I was feeling just in
on TV station humanitarian volunteer workers who have been going on operation fields for rescuing people who needed their helps and were eagerly awaiting for them. It were very exciting for me. So, for long years I was dreaming to be involved in NGO works one day.
What desire led me to a mission organization since 2000 as full time missionary.

So, I am very happy to see something is settling up today capable to fulfill my deep desires as well as the desires of those who have contributed in creating New Conscience in Action International - NCA International -.

As wish, I would like we really do our best and reach the goals
and objectives we have approved and be effectively blessings to those who will benefit our services for a Real Sustainable Development in the world.

May God bless you in Christ Jesus!

President & Founder of NCA International 
Phone: +225 49 12 25 76
Email: president@ncainternationale.org