The World Children

The World Children! is children's department of New Conscience in Action. Its purpose is to help take care of  children in difficult situations and educate them. These children are either in their biological families or adopted by third families or residing in our orphanages.

The department the World Children! includes our entertainment centers, children education centers, our orphanages and our services of children sponsorship.

The department The World Children! is created to follow in Jesus Christ's footsteps, He who has publicly shown how many He himself attaches importance to little children. If God come in flesh among men has found time to spend with children, it is not you and I who will find a valid excuse to justify any lack of action in favor of children.

Anyway,  is it not said children are the future of humanity? or again, that the future belongs to children? Let's help them to be able to effectively appropriate this future for the happiness of all mankind, and for the great satisfaction of the Almighty God, Creator of everythings.