Youth Listening & Counseling Centers

How many young people miss their future in destroying their lives today, because they didn't get advice at all or they got it but it was a bad one from their friends of same age? The number is certainly high. Many are the young people that leave theirs families and move to other areas in seeking of better life, and find themselves in a big town or in a far village where, perhaps, no one care about them. Or again, they are living with their parents, but they are so busy or, worried about themselves that they even forgot they have a child, or the family, because of misunderstanding is scattered with a teenager alone pulled  of all ratings between them. Those teenagers need help. They need help in listening and advice.

 So, they can be able to see things clear and take good decisions concerning themselves and their futures. That is why New Conscience in Action is going to open Youth Listening & Counseling Centers where teenagers can come and find someone who can actively listing to them, give them advice, and if possible follow them for some time. The necessary time they need to come over their problems or situations and get back the stability important for them to live well and face our earthly life challenges.